Basic Biomedical Research Fellowships

Early Career Fellowships
For excellent postdoctoral scientists to undertake high-quality research and establish themselves as independent researchers in India.

Intermediate Fellowship
For researchers who wish to establish an independent laboratory with a high-quality research programme in India.

Senior Fellowships
For researchers who have demonstrated their ability to lead an independent research project and group, to expand their research programme in India.

Overview of different Fellowship schemes:

Criteria Early Career  Intermediate  Senior


-1–4 years post-PhD

*4 – 15 years post-PhD

*4 – 15 years post-PhD


5 years

5 years

5 years

Consumable expenses




Major Equipment




International research

Up to 2 years
USD 3000 / month
Up to 1 year
USD 3000 / month

Per need

Support Staff

1 Technical staff 

Up to 2, including postdocs

Up to 4, including postdocs

Travel to meetings

1.5 lakhs / year

1.5 lakhs/ year
Research Staff 1 lakh / year

2 lakhs/year
Research Staff 1 lakh / year


2.5 lakhs

7.5 lakhs

10 lakhs

Time Commitment
(total research time to IA project)
100% if not with faculty position
90% if having a faculty position
80% 70%


Note: The above indicators are for comparison purposes only; the actual criteria and amounts are subject to change. For a detailed description, please carefully read each individual scheme to identify the one that best fits

* updated eligibility criteria